At Wonderbao, we make it our mission to be the best bao dealer nationally - we promise you will not find a softer, fluffier bao anywhere and if you do, it’s probably ours anyway!

As the leading supplier for locally-made steamed bao, we are proud to provide our products to foodservices and retail stores around Australia. Over the past decade we have grown with the hospitality industry to not only make our products more accessible, but also adapted ensure that our products can accommodate modern dietary requirements.

We continue to strive today to work with local Australian ingredients and suppliers to bring offer the highest quality product for our customers. 

A few pros for you to consider:

  • Made with Australian wheat flour 
  • Easy ordering and delivery
  • Long shelf-life & freeze-able
  • Vegan-friendly options available
  • Customizable bao flavours and sizes
  • Steaming daily 

Check out our Wholesale Retail and Wholesale Foodservice pages for our latest products, or head to the Custom Bao page if none of those tickle your fancy.

Whether you are a boutique grocer, supermarket giant, event vendor or offering fine-dining experiencing, we love a bao chat! Drop us a line at or contact us on (03) 9312 0881.